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If there’s one thing that we’ve learnt throughout Covid, it’s flexibility! We’ve had to adapt to constantly changing levels of restrictions and tiers, but it’s also been fun being able to try out new ways of gathering.
Now, as things seem to be settling down slightly and some level of normality is beginning to return, we’re going to be mixing up how we gather for church, in the hope that we don’t miss or lose out on any of the valuable lessons that lockdown has taught us.

In-Person Services

We're back, sort of! We've waited a long time to regather - and now we're meeting again in KEGS on a Sunday morning and we're really looking forward to seeing you! Service starts at 10.30am prompt. (Please note there will be no service in KEGS on the first Sunday of the months leading up to Christmas, ie 7th November and 5th December)

What to expect:

  • As per government guidance, we are strongly recommending that you wear a face-covering whilst moving around the building, if not for yourself then for the safety and protection of others.
  • As you enter the building we will be taking your temperature with a digital forehead thermometer, as per our hire agreement with the school.
  • We ask that you maintain social distancing throughout the morning.
  • Hand sanitiser is available at various points in the building, please use it as you arrive and as necessary during the morning.
  • Windows and doors will be open where possible to ensure good ventilation. (You may want to wear warm clothes if you feel the cold).
  • After the service there will be no refreshments, so please bring your own.
  • Whilst it will be great to catch up with each other after the service, we ask that conversations take place outdoors instead of in the building.
  • If you experience any covid symptoms whilst attending church please leave the building immediately and notify a member of the welcome team. You will then need to take a PCR test and follow NHS guidance with regards to isolation and track and trace.
  • Finally please remember that if you have any covid symptoms or are feeling generally unwell please do not attend.

Live streaming:

  • We're delighted to be able to live stream the service for those who are not ready or unable to meet with us in person. The link will be sent out via email on Sunday morning.

Church Around The Table

These are times to gather with other Kingsgate households for food and fellowship and will take place once a month on the first Sunday of each month. We’ll be looking at the model of the early church where they fellowshipped with each other in homes, sharing with each other, looking at scripture, praying and breaking bread together. Church Around The Table is on Sunday 7th November & Sunday 2nd December.

  • If you are part of Kingsgate, then you will be invited to take part
  • If you are new to Kingsgate and would like to join 'Church Around The Table' please contact us:

No More Church On Zoom!

Zoom has been an incredible blessing on our journey through lockdown. It has enabled us to connect and do church online, but we appreciate it's not everybody's cup of tea! We may still use Zoom from time to time though if the need arises!


Get In Touch
If you have any questions about any of our Sunday Services or need to get in touch with us about any other enquiry we will be happy to help, please contact us.