Coronavirus - letter from the Elders

Dear Kingsgate Family,

I love worshipping our God with you. Our God is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! He is in charge of all things. Nothing is outside his control even the Coronavirus. Our Lord Jesus defeated death for us, he defeated sin for us. He has ascended in to heaven where he sits at the right hand of God the Father and intercedes for us. He is before all things, and in Jesus all things hold together. God works all things together according to his will and for our good. He has sent us his Spirit to be with us and lead us as we navigate the circumstances we find ourselves in. He is such a good God!

The events dominating our news at the moment are under his control but sadly mean we will not be able to worship physically together on a Sunday for the foreseeable future.
The Bible tells us in Romans 13 to obey the government. This we will do even though our desire is to be with you all. 

So to confirm there will be no Sunday morning meetings until further notice. 

Mid week gatherings have also stopped. Where possible, we are using technology to connect with one another. 

We as Elders want to Shepherd the Church well during this season. Please look out for further communications about this in due course. 

We ask if anyone has a need please let us know, we want the whole Church well cared for. Please make phone calls to folk who may be self isolating and ensure they are well provided for. Please pray for our members serving in the NHS, they are stretched. We are to love one another well. 

As a Church God has given us a vision to see “everyone a handshake from the King”  Sam recently introduced us to the worship song Waymaker. We believe God can make a way for his Kingdom to advance while we unable to meet. God apparently weakened Gideon before the victory over the Midianites. God can use us while we feel weak. This season is an opportunity to pray for our nation, to pray and share the Gospel in our PATCH. Lets turn this situation to our advantage. We are looking at creative ways to share Jesus. If God gives you any ideas then please share emailing myself, Justin or Claire and lets see how we can bless our town while we stand on the Rock that is God and his word. I would encourage you to watch out for our communications via Facebook and Instagram

We will return to normal as soon as we can. 

With Much Love 


on behalf of the Eldership at Kingsgate.