Newday 2018

Following an incredible week at Newday, we asked our young poeple and their leaders what their highlights were. Here's what they said;

“Being welcomed into your church family for breakfast and seeing the young peoples excitement for Jesus”

“Seeing and hearing messages of truth speak out loud to a world that needs to hear it”

“Without Newday I wouldn’t have been able to finally feel like God’s child”

“The healing and the spirit on Thursday”

“Thursday night when I witnessed people being healed”

“Seeing people get healed. Also a feeling of peace!”

“My highlights at Newday 2018 were the environment, when we prayed for people for the Holy Spirit it came and that my back pain which could have affected my life has been healed.”

“Newday was amazing. It was my first year here and I am so glad I came. The first night was the speech on shame and I really related to that, It made me so much more happier with myself and my relationship with God has really grown. I prayed that the Lord would fill me with the holy spirit and get rid of all my sins and things I haven’t forgiven myself for or things I’m not happy about with myself, it filled me and felt amazing”

“Being with everybody!”

“God is good, great and bigger than all things. Newday helped conquer fear, understand my identity and experience healing!”
“Being reminded that God hears every little voice in Heaven, he longs to be in conversation with his children and delights to hear your prayers, God showed this truth to the team in the depot when 3 young girls sat together and prayed with smiles on their faces”

“Seeing so many youth sharing and embracing God is so encouraging
for new Christians particularly. God is definitely working at Newday 2018”

“The best thing from Newday was going to the front and giving my life to Jesus but I was scared but excited!”

“I’ve learnt that no matter how tired/selfish you feel, God is able to use you and he gives you the energy, patience and boldness you need.”

“Simon Holley was fantastic. I like his cruise-ship vs battle-ship mentality. We know what we sign up for”


“Good time with people I like and I tried Bovril”

“Enabled full movement of my arm”

“I really like one of the songs “Never let me down” I also liked the shame
preach. Thursday was the best day because people got healed”

“Met new people who helped me when needed and loved every bit of it”

“My highlight of Newday 2018 was on Wednesday and Thursday when I felt the Holy Spirit hit me but also on Thursday I felt God using me through my friends”

“Seeing people healed and feeling God”

“Listen to God. He has a plan!”

“Deeper understanding of who God is and his plan for Humanity. Forgiveness
and healing from the past. Encouragement and strength for the future”

“Being a son of god”

“I’ve realised that God doesn’t have special people and he loves all people equally”

“Thank you Jesus for great ‘family’ gathering”